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Black and Tan Turtle

You're in the mood to kick back and sip on a rich, creamy stout, transfixed as the building foam gives way to that sweet black nectar. Then again, the thought of enjoying a crisp, clean ale or lager also has your taste buds tingling. Don't Settle... Do Black and Tan! For years, connoisseurs of premium beer have enjoyed a concoction known as a black and tan: an ale, pilsner, lager or cider crowned by a stout or porter. When correctly prepared, the "black" beer mysteriously floats atop the underlying "tan" beer without mixing, distinctively capturing the attributes of both beers in the same glass. Most black and tan enthusiasts commission their trusted barkeep to construct this legendary drink on their behalf. Though this remains a dependable and time-honored approach, it does little for folks who wish to enjoy the black and tan on their own turf, wrought to their own exacting specifications. Br?t?l (brew tool) did something. We logged hundreds of hours designing and building the world's most versatile beer layering device, the Lagerhead? Black and Tan Turtle. Equipped with the "Snapper" bottle opener, this handsome Chelonian pours a delicious layered beer time after time. Made from premium grade stainless steel, the turtle's shape allows it to fit perfectly on a pint glass, while its body transforms a stream of stout into tiny rivulets which facilitate layering. Its mouth even makes for a handy bottle opener. Includes recipes for 10 different half-and-half drinks. Measures 7" L x 4" W x 2" H.…

Brigantia(Round) Pendant

Brigantia - Healing, Fire, Inspiration Brigantia (St. Brigit or Bride) is the Celtic goddess of healing, fire and inspiration. Often portrayed with serpents who possess the healing powers of the earth, she is closely associated with the curative energies of sacred wells and springs. As the muse of the creative arts, she provides light and inspiration to the bard, smith, and other artisans. As well, her association with fire makes her the goddess of the family hearth, childbirth, and domestic accord. Each piece is individually packaged in a velvet-like box with a card describing the symbolism of the design. Approximate size 15/16 inch. These lovely pieces were originally developed in Scotland over 25 years ago and are now handcrafted in Michigan from fine porcelain clay. Our Celtic Art designs are original illustrations of artists from Scotland, Canada and the United States based on traditional Celtic themes. Our unique process allows for more detail in designs than other mediums. The designs are fired into the clay at 2200 degrees, so they will not peel or wear off. Each piece is surprisingly lightweight and finished to a beautiful satin touch, and individually packaged in a velvet-like box with a card describing the symbolism of the design…

Brutul Lagerhead Black & Tan Pouring Turtle

Lagerhead Turtle Black and Tan Pouring Turtle from Brutul. Standard Operating Procedure for the Lagerhead? Turtle: Start by selecting your beer. The canned Irish stouts brewed by Guinness?, Murphy\'s? and Beamish? work very well with the Turtle, and are highly recommended for the top (black) layer. Suggestions for the bottom (tan) layer can be found in the recipes listed below. Experimentation is Essential. Simply chill the beer, then half-fill a standard pint glass with the bottom beverage (pour a good head so you liberate the CO2). Place the Lagerhead? Turtle on the rim of the glass, then gradually pour the Irish stout over the turtle\'s back to form the top layer. RECIPES THE DIRTY TURTLE Terrapin Rye Pale Ale? - Guiness? BLACK & TAN Guinness? - Bass Ale? BLACKTOP Beamish? - Fat Tire Amber Ale? HALF & HALF Guinness? - Harp Lager? PATRIOT Guinness? - Sam Adams Lager? SNAPPER Murphy\'s? - Redhook ESB? BOHEMIAN Beamish? - Pilsner Urquell? BLACK VELVET Guinness? - Champagne BIG EASY Beamish? - Abita Amber Lager? SNAKEBITE Guinness? - Hard Cider BUMBLE BEE Murphy\'s? - Dundee Honey Lager?…

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